• Do you believe in science?
    Do you believe in science?
    Why would you want to leave your dough recipe in fate’s hands? Our system is the solution that will transform your business. It converts everyone who tries it into a loyal user.
  • The secret
    The secret
    Eleven years of research and over 4,000 experiments were necessary to create the system that we can offer you today.
  • Easy and Simple
    Easy and Simple
    Being a system that is easy and simple, it can be replicated in different locations. Anyone at your store could consistently produce your dough without the need of knowing your formula. How much could you grow with the System?
  • The best products
    The best products
    Master formulas for artisan pizzas, including mother dough and Manitoba flour, the best in the world. Thinkingfoods can duplicate your recipe and store it in a sack. You’ll have all the necessary ingredients for professional dough in your Optipizza bag (in powder form): Manitoba flour, mother dough, dehydrated extra virgin olive oil, etc.